A new Wine on Thanksgiving Day

Every year we gather with our family, loved ones, and friends to give thanks by sharing a delicious meal. Although Thanksgiving is an American and Canadian tradition, the essence of the holiday has spread across the globe. No matter where you are, you can always celebrate Thanksgiving Day.

Most Thanksgiving years are the same, and others can be completely different. You can be in another location meeting new people, with a different part of the family, or with friends. The same goes for wines. Last year we had a delicious Zinfandel and the year before a Pinot Noir. This year we chose Carménère because this week was Carménère Day. We also found that this wine is an excellent choice for poultry. We had a bottle of Tarapacá Gran Reserva Carménère from Maipo Valley, Chile. It was a very balanced wine that paired well with our Turkey, potato salad, and sweet potato casserole. It reminded me of a Merlot, and I could taste plum, blackcurrant, oaky flavors, and appreciated its medium tannins.

We enjoyed the wine very much around the dinner table and shared moments of laughter and storytelling. We also used Vinloq to serve the wine. In our home, there is no wine bottle without Vinloq. In this case, we used Vinloq to only pour our wine because we knew that we would finish the bottle throughout the dinner. That’s what we love about Vinloq, you can use it for just that elegant, gentle pour, to preserve your wine bottle, or if you’re feeling adventurous, you can use Vinloq to discover new flavors through Slow Decanting. It is this versatility that makes the wine enthusiast in me passionate and happy to share stories using Vinloq.

Next year, our plan is to Slow Decant 3 wine bottles at different times before Thanksgiving and see how the flavors evolve. We invite you to make Vinloq part of your Holiday traditions!

Hope you had an unforgettable Thanksgiving! Remember to click here and join our wine journey!

Stay safe and don’t forget to enjoy your favorite wines, Cheers!


Photo by RODNAE Productions from Pexels
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