The Magic of Loire Valley

Every time there is a National Wine Day, I think about the history and legacy of that wine as well as what trip I can take to appreciate it. On this National Cabernet Franc Day, one of the places on my bucket list is the Loire Valley in Central France. It would be any wine enthusiast’s dream to tour its stunning castles and famous vineyards. After all, the Loire Valley is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site for its rich history, cultural symbolism, architecture, and superior wine districts.


As many of you know, France is the largest producer of Cabernet Franc, but Loire Valley is known for producing the best and single-varietal Cabernet-Franc wines. The most famous ones being Chinon, Bourgueil, and Saumur-Champigny. Loire Valley provides the ideal cooler climate for this type of grape to grow and you can find more than 300 wine cellars in the region outlined by the beautiful scenery of the Loire and Vienne Rivers. You can also discover other red blends like Pinot Noir, Gamay, Grolleau, Pineau d’Aunis, and Malbec as well as white varieties of Sauvignon, Chardonnay, Chenin Blanc, and Melon de Bourgogne.


Did you know that the Loire Valley Vineyards were planted by the Romans and winegrowing began as far as the 5th century? The Nantes Vineyards and The Angers Vineyards provide 2,000 years of history that make this grape-growing region a magical place. According to Wine Enthusiast Magazine, Cabernet Franc was first planted in this region more than 700 years ago and is becoming one of the world’s greatest wines.


Here are some Cabernet Franc wines you can try this week:


Château du Petit Thouars- Les Georges Chinon 2017

Chinon, France

Red Fruity, Earthy, Spices


Oliver Cousin- Pur Breton

Anjou, France

Earthy, Red Fruity, Black Fruity


Domaine Arnaud Lambert- Clos Mazurique Saumur 2018

Saumur, France

Red Fruity, Earthy, Spices


Domaine de la Chevalerie- Diptyque Bourgueil 2017

Bourgueil, France

Red Fruity, Earthy, Spices


Château Yvonne, Saumur-Champigny 2018

Saumur-Champigny, France

Earthy, Black Fruity, Oaky


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Stay safe and don’t forget to enjoy your favorite wines, Cheers!


Sources: Visit French Wine, Wine Folly, Wine Enthusiast Magazine
Photo by Joao Tzanno on Unsplash
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