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The Oldest Working Wineries & What to Drink There

The wine industry has a long and fascinating history that spans the entire world, from Germany to Africa, Japan to the USA. Did you know that some of the oldest running wineries are over one thousand years old? Let’s take a tour of them – and the wines they are best known for!


 Staffelter Hof – Germany

In the year 862 (no, that’s not a typo), the first mentions of a winery emerged in what is now known as Kröv, Germany. Since then, it has become a distillery and guest house. The winery started as land donated from the Carolingian Dynasty to a local abbey.


The Staffelter Hof winery produces three tiers of wine: the Wappenwein (Heraldic Wines), Signatureweine (Signature Wines), and Motivweine (Wolf Wines). They span dry to sweet, and from white to red.


Their most talked-about offerings are their Rieslings.


Château de Goulaine – France

Château de Goulaine, located in a castle and founded in the year 1000, is the oldest operating winery in France. The castle has belonged to the family of the marquis de Goulaine for more than a thousand years.


This winery’s claim to fame is that they produced what is commonly considered to be the very first commercial Chardonnay in the western Loire Valley. In addition to this, Château de Goulaine also produces Muscadet, Sancerre, Vouvray, and some Follet blanche.


Schloss Johannisberg, Germany

The third oldest operating winery in the world is also located in Germany. Schloss Joannisberg was established in 1100 and is notable for the claim that they discovered “late harvest wine” – and there’s a great story that goes along with this discovery.


As with Staffelter Hof, this German winery is also famous for its Riesling, specifically its 2018 Schloss Johannisberg Riesling Purpurlack Beerenauselesse, which won the highest mark of 100 points from renowned wine critic James Suckling in 2019.


Barone Ricasoli, Italy

Barone Ricasoli is an Italian winery that dates back to 1141. This article from Forbes goes into some great detail about the history of this winery and how it came to be what it is today.


The very first Chianti was made here, called the Chianti Classico. Today, its flagship wine is the Castello di Brolio, made from high-quality Sangiovese and Abrusco grapes grown in a specific area of the estate.


Make the Most of Every Bottle

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Photo by Svetlana Glumerova on Unsplash
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