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Unique Wine Adventures to Put on Your Bucket List

Are you a fan of adventure? Do you also like wine? Then let’s get down to business. Here are some fun and unique wine adventures you should put on your bucket list.  

Let’s go!


Wine & Whale Watching

What’s better than good wine and a gorgeous view? A gorgeous view that also includes whale watching!

Travel + Leisure has a great list of the best small towns on the west coast for wine tasting and whale watching. Plan a day trip with friends, schedule a romantic getaway, or go on a fun solo adventure to the Pacific.

If you’re more into booking tours than planning them, there are lots of places like Eagle Wing’s Wine & Whales Tour. They offer chauffeured tours to wineries, lunch at a local spot, and hours of whale watching.


Hang Out in a Wine Cave

Another west coast gem is Jarvis Caves, an entire wine operation built underground. Not exciting enough? This subterranean experience includes a natural spring, a room filled with crystal geodes, and a unique wine serving and tasting experience.


Wear Some Spanish Wine

The St. Augustine Spanish Wine Festival is held annually on the Florida Coast. You can experience great food, more than 120 wines, and the Batalla de Vinos, an event where 2,000 people wear white and celebrate by covering each other with red wine. The event also benefits local charities. 


Wine & River Rafting

For an immersive outdoorsy experience with gourmet meals and premium wines, check out the Wine Tasting on the River Adventures. This adventure combines beautiful views, whitewater rafting, and gourmet food and wine experiences. Stay anywhere from one to six days, feasting and paddling in some of the most scenic river routes in the United States.


Sip Wine in a Submarine

Sottomarino Winery in California is another water-based experience. Along the Treasure Island waterfront, you can visit a San Francisco winery housed in a World War II submarine training vessel! Play bocce, taste 90+ point wines, take it all in.


Try some ‘Canadian Liquid Gold’

Ice wine is a dessert wine made from grapes frozen on the vine and picked at 18 degrees or below.

And the Ice House Winery in Ontario is a great place to try premium ice wine and “get slushed” on delicious wine slushies!


Try Some Underwater Wine

In Croatia, you can find Edivo Vina Winery, whose wine cellar is one of the most unique in the world – because it’s underwater! Its wines are aged for two years in a sunken boat at the bottom of the ocean.


Pineapple Wine from a Former Prison – On a Volcano

Ok, this winery has got to top the list as one of the most unique experiences in the world. MauiWine in Hawaii is a winery situated inside the walls of a former prison, and the vineyard is on the slopes of a volcano.


Located 2,000 feet above sea level, you can drink in the pineapple wine and breathtaking views of the island at this one-of-a-kind wine spot.


Enhance Your Own Wine Adventure in Every Glass

No matter where your wine adventures take you, Vinloq’s Slow Decanting™ and Wine Preservation System is built to help you unlock the secrets and flavors that have been bottled up. Several bottles of wine can be Slow Decanted over a period of days giving you a unique wine tasting experience wherever you are. 


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Author: Vinloq

Sources: Wine Enthusiast, Epicure & Culture, Wine Country, Wine Traveler
Photo by Taryn Elliott McCarty on Pexels
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