Freedom & Wine: 4th Of July Essentials

This year, celebrating freedom has extra meaning. Not only are we bringing back the “normal” Independence Day festivities, but we are also making up for all the celebrations we missed or postponed in 2020. In honor of all we have to be grateful for, let’s raise a glass to freedom like “Hamilton” with these fun wine-themed elements you can add to your red, white, and blue bash.


Summer Wine Inspiration

First thing’s first – summer is heating up! A perfect way to cool off is to combine your favorite rosé with lemonade ice cubes and blend it into a Frosé – we’re nicknaming it our Freedom Frosé.

 Just like the fireworks, your wine should be sparkling! For festive flair, freeze some strawberries, raspberries, and blueberries and use them to chill your wine and add some patriotic accents to your glass.


Take a look at this list of the best sparkling wines to drink in 2021 – here are a few domestic choices from that list:

  • Gruet Brut NV from New Mexico: tasting notes include red fruit, green apple, orange rind, and toast.
  • Schramsberg Blanc de Noirs from Napa, California: tasting notes include tree fruit, strawberries, brioche, and citrus.

If those aren’t your style, check out Lively Table’s Red, White, and Blue Sangria – we recommend the delicious 2019 Alois Lageder Alto Adige Pinot Grigio, but you can substitute any dry white wine. 


4th of July Food and Wine Pairings

Spoon University shared this fun article about July 4th food traditions and how they started, but we wanted to put a Vinloq spin on the list, so here are some great wines to pair with your American feast.


Barbecue: Decanter’s got you covered with their BBQ Wines list. The top choices include Malbec, Pinot Noir, Gamay, Dry Rosé, and Riesling.


Hot Dogs: Though “wine and hot dogs” doesn’t evoke the same excitement as, say, wine and cheese, it’s definitely a combination to think about. Hot dogs are made with a variety of meats and non-meats and they also boast a great variety of toppings. Try pairing hot dogs with white wines. If you have plenty of  relish or sauerkraut, wines with citrus notes pair best. Check out specific combinations in this Food & Wine Magazine article. 


Corn on the Cob: All roads lead to your favorite unoaked Chardonnay. To help you decide, here is Wine Enthusiast’s list of 10 great bottles to try.


S’mores: According to this article from the Mercury News, “port, late harvest wine and marshmallows are a match made in heaven.” But all we can think about is how well raspberries and chocolate go together, and how no campfire will ever be complete again without a nice raspberry wine.


Apple Pie: Pour yourself a glass of port to complement this quintessential American dessert. Try Tawny Port or Moscato d’Asti. 


Make Some Patriotic Décor

Got empty wine bottles? Use them to create fun and festive décor for your 4th of July party. You can deck out those wine bottles using a variety of mediums – paint, ribbon, glitter, fairy lights, and more. For some inspiration, head over to Craft and Beauty’s article.


If you’re looking for a creative use for your cork collection, check out this simple wine cork American flag from Architecture Art Design, along with a great list of other fun cork projects!


Raise a Glass to Freedom  

Vinloq wants to be a part of every celebration by giving you the freedom to uncork more wine bottles without wasting a drop. Our revolutionary Slow-Decanting™ Technology keeps your wine fresh for days after opening.


Learn more here.

Author: Vinloq

Sources: Wine Enthusiast, Decanter, Food & Wine 
Photo by Zan on Unsplash
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