Celebrating Shiraz

Shiraz Day is here! Let’s pour ourselves a glass and talk about this bold ruby-purple wine. 


Shiraz vs. Syrah

The fourth Thursday in July is Shiraz Day (for 2021, it falls on July 22). Shiraz is the name given in Australia but there is also an International Syrah Day (same grape, different country). 


Shiraz and Syrah are both made from the Syrah grape, but the biggest difference is where they are made. Syrah comes from France, and Shiraz is a wine made primarily in Australia. Essentially, Shiraz is the bigger, bolder version of Syrah. For a quick, deep dive into the world of Syrah and Shiraz, check out this video by Konstantin Baum, master of wine.


Shiraz Flavor Notes & Color

While Syrah has subtle notes of fruit, Shiraz is known for bold fruit-forward notes. Most produce jammy, black fruit notes like black cherry, but oak barrel aging lends vanilla and clove notes as well. It’s typically a medium acidity, dry, high tannin wine with ABV falling in the 14% to 15% range.


The color is typically deep and opaque. Wine Enthusiast recommends Shiraz to be served between  60–65°F, which can be easily done with 15 minutes in the refrigerator. 


Shiraz Food Pairings

Shiraz pairs well with braised foods, butter, cream, and mustard. To explore this wine a bit more, we’ve put together some options with the perfect Shiraz pairings for every dish. Let us know which Shiraz and recipe is your favorite!


Food & Wine Magazine has a wonderful Smoky Spiced T-Bone Steaks with Chilean Salsa recipe that is to die for. This delicious dish will pair well with 3 Rings Shiraz from Barossa Valley. This wine has a flavor profile of black cherries, very dark chocolate and plum, and traces of coffee beans with slight notes of black olive, peat, and anise. It will also go well with brisket, grilled lamb, or beef stew.

As for cheeses, Shiraz goes best with sharp options like Edam, Gouda, and Saint-Nectaire.


For younger and sparkling Shiraz, you should bet on a barbecue. These Baked BBQ Baby Back Ribs are a cinch to prepare, which leaves you more time to enjoy your wine. Pair your ribs with the Clyde Park Single Block G-19 Shiraz 2019.


If you prefer surf over turf, grilled lobster paella is a robust and filling option to pair with a Rosemount Hunter Valley Shiraz.


More Stops on Your Shiraz Journey

If you’re looking to continue your Shiraz Day adventures,  check out the Australian Wine Review’s 20 Best Shiraz of January 2021.


Since the summer is in full swing, take a look at this list of Wine Folly’s Wine Pairings with Barbecue, which breaks down the best wine for each specific type of barbecue.


Spoiler alert: it’s full of top Syrah, Shiraz, and even Petit Sirah. 


Complete Your Shiraz Party with Vinloq

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Author: Vinloq

Photo by Isabel Taborga 
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