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Pairing Pinot Noir & Romance

Today is International Pinot Noir Day and National Couples Day. So let’s celebrate both by pairing this light-bodied wine with three romantic vineyards in the USA. 


Pinot Noir 

As many of you wine enthusiasts know, Pinot Noir likely came from Burdundy, France. However, as  Madeline Puckette’s research shows, the USA comes in second after France in the production of Pinot Noir, followed by Germany. The vines needed to grow Pinot Noir prosper in intermediate climates, which is why this wine is often grown in “protected valleys or near large bodies of water”. 


Dig deeper into the surprising history of pinot noir. This article by Vine Pair’s Laura Burgess documents that Pinot Noir has been in France since the Roman era, “when Italian conquerors spread across Europe leaving grapevines in their wake”. 


Big Sur, California

Whether you are looking for a romantic camping adventure or a luxury getaway, Big Sur is the place to go. Big Sur has breathtaking redwood forests and gorgeous oceanside cliffs, radiating natural beauty no matter where you go.



Talbott Vineyards in Carmel-By-the-Sea has a great selection of Pinot Noir to choose from. We recommend their Block 23 West Pinot Noir 2017  for your romantic evening. One of Talbott’s estate wines, it is a deliciously complex wine: “On the palate, dark berry aromas linger with notes of sweet blackberries and dark plum compote.” Soft tannins and oak finish out this wine, making it a great example of a classic Pinot Noir.


Algoma, Wisconsin

Located on the banks of Lake Michigan, Algoma is a small town in Wisconsin that is home to the Von Stiehl Winery. They have wines, ciders, and Bounces (a historically celebratory concoction usually made with cherries). If the small-town scene isn’t for you, you can stay in Green Bay and make a day trip to Algoma for some wine – it’s just a quick 40-minute drive.




Von Stiehl’s Central Coast Pinot Noir is our sou-VIN-ir of choice. Its bouquet boasts strawberry, black cherry, and spice with earthy fruit flavors and a hint of sassafras and tannins on the finish.


Finger Lakes, New York

The Finger Lakes region in New York is well-known for its wineries, so part of your romantic getaway can include hopping on the different “wine trails.” There is a state park nearby, where you can take in some pretty waterfalls and go for a romantic hike. If you like history and literature, Mark Twain spent a lot of time in the area, so there are some interesting stops in and near Elmira, New York where you could get your book lover fix as well.


castle vineyard

As for lodging, what’s more romantic than a castle? We’ll tell you – it’s a castle with a winery and hotel in it. Belhurst Castle and Winery is housed within a castle built in the late 1800s. It’s a perfect mix of then and now – antique furnishings, free wine, restaurants, and a spa. For a truly unique romantic destination, you can head to the Finger Lakes and try a flight at Belhurst or head out to one of several wineries in the area to find your perfect Pinot Noir. We’ve got our eye on Dr. Konstantin Frank 2016 Old Vines Pinot Noir.


Preserve Your Wine Treasures from Your Romantic Adventure

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Author: Vinloq

Main Photo by Katerina Holmes from Pexels 
Blog Photos by Talbott Vineyards, Von Stiehl Winery, Belhurst Castle & Winery
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