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Hallow-vino: Our Top 7 Orange Wine Picks for Halloween

Orange wine is the perfect way to celebrate Halloween! Here are some of our top wine picks and some interesting background information about orange wine.


What Is Orange Wine?


If oranges aren’t the main ingredient in orange wine, you may wonder what exact processes and ingredients are needed to make one.


Typically, white wines are made from pressing white grapes that have had their skins removed. And red wines are made from pressed and fermented red grapes (with skins still on) to increase those flavors, tannins, and deep burgundy colors.


Orange wine, however, is a mix of the two – it is made by pressing white grapes with their skins intact, which results in a wine that has a deep amber color.


Orange wine is deep, complex, and often best served cold. Because of the rich aromas and weight, orange wine often pairs well with strong cheeses, meat and lamb dishes, and spicy Chinese favorites like kung pao meats.


When it comes to finding your preferred orange wine, it’s all about the skin contact time. Wines with skin contact that exceeds 30 days will be more tannic and textured. For a simpler sipping experience, check out the wines with just a few days of skin contact. Check out our favorites below!


Orange Wines Under $35


Halloween is an excellent time for themed parties, drinks, and food boards. Most of the time, it’s not a season for impressing your friends with expensive reads, and it’s more about having fun with your creativity to bring a spooky feel to a regular, delicious menu.


If that’s the case and you are looking for a nice wine that can spice up your Halloween festivities without breaking the bank, try one of these worthy orange wines for under $25.


Bio Kult Naken

Whether from 2019 or 2020, this pink-hued, skin-contact orange wine is slightly effervescent and full of great flavors. Use it in place of your regular champagne, prosecco, or other go-to sparkling wines to up the Halloween vibes and the celebration – and it’s less than $20 per bottle!


Tinto Amorio 2021 Monje Skin-Contact Orange Gewürztraminer (Paso Robles)

This California beauty is fruity and crisp with a gorgeous orange hue. The Tinto Amorio 2021 Gewürztraminer is best served chilled and offers an interesting flavor profile that includes bright tangerine zest, red bamboo honey, Jamaican pepper, and crushed oyster shell.


You’ll wow your guests with this incredible orange wine, which typically retails for $32.


Pheasant’s Tears Rkatsiteli Amber Wine

This wine from the Georgian Republic is aromatic and surprising. At just $19 per bottle, you’ll get notes of black tea leaves and sandalwood pair d with orange rind and blossom flavors. The Pheasant’s Tears Rkatsiteli is ideally suited for the changing weather and leaves that autumn brings to many parts of the United States.


Di Giovanna Camurria Orange

This southern Italian orange wine is made from Grillo grapes in the protected nature reserve Monte Genuardo. The family is dedicated to cultivating the native Sicilian varieties organically. See how fun this $23 bold, dry, soft wine would be to drink over several days, using the Vinloq Slow Decanting™ and Wine Preservation System.

Luxury Orange Wines for Halloween


The great thing about Halloween is that you can be anything you want! So, if you’re looking for a more elegant approach to your spooky season party, we’ve also collected several of our favorite luxury orange wines for you to choose from.


Anatolikos Natural Orange Wine

This is one of Greece’s best orange wines.  Complex and balanced it retails at $53. Made from 80% Assyrtiko and 20% Malagouzia grapes, you can enjoy its aromas of dried fruits, nuts, and citrus jams.


Le Soula La Maceration Orange No.16

Not all luxury wine purchases have to be pricey! For example, the Le Soula La Maceration Orange is a French wine that gives all the luxuries of a high-dollar wine without the hefty price tag – on average, a bottle of this variety retails for around $40.


A mixed-vintage blend of several grapes, you will notice this wine has great texture and notes of orange peel, apricot, and even a little sprinkle of nuttiness and minerality. This is the perfect companion to that classic charcuterie and cheese board your Halloween partygoers will love!


Pyramid Valley North Canterbury Orange Wine

Harper’s Bazaar shared its orange wine guide, and we love the addition of the Pyramid Valley North Canterbury Orange Wine to their list of recommendations. With a price tag of nearly $1,000, this acidic and mineral-forward wine is a perfect pre-dinner treat.


The grape blend includes muscat, pinot gris, and gewürztraminer, and the most apparent notes include bruised apple, hazelnut, and honeyed apricot. It’s a crisp and refreshing start to your elegant fall festivities.

Savor Your Spookiness – Use Vinloq to Keep Your Orange Wine Perfectly Preserved


Halloween is a time to celebrate life’s beginnings and endings, but just because some things have to expire doesn’t mean your wine has to disappear as quickly as your Halloween decorations do on November 1st. 


Vinloq is perfect for preserving and Slow Decanting™ your orange wine during and after the spooky holidays are over.


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