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A wine preserver made by wine enthusiasts for wine enthusiasts.

“It all started with two Doctors enjoying a bottle of wine”

Fernando Bazoberry and Brent Young – both anesthesiologists, wine enthusiasts, and now inventors- came up with a brilliant revolutionary idea. They invented the technology that will allow every wine enthusiast to use a natural, inert gas to Slow Decant™  and preserve any bottle of wine. Rather than opening bottles one at a time, multiple bottles can be opened at the same time and used for different wine moments. This technology empowers wine drinkers to enjoy any bottle of wine without the rush to finish it.

So, how did we get here? 

Wine and Medicine, maybe they are not connected but Brent and Fernando’s love of wine was paired with their training in the medical sciences to create a series of solutions that made this connection. When they were not talking about medicine, they were often talking about the wines they enjoy drinking. At some point, both came together to create Vinloq. 


They realized that the devices available for wine preservation lacked the technology to offer a unique wine experience. They were both frustrated with pouring spoiled wine down the drain. When they did not finish bottles in one day, the wines would quickly deteriorate with slow oxidation and the flavors become spoiled. Wasting wine is bad, but they also did not enjoy drinking wine that had deteriorated. You have likely noticed this same problem with your bottles. Oxygen is a known culprit.

To enhance their wine experience, Brent and Fernando began asking themselves several questions.

How do we store wine after opening it and also keep it from slowly oxidizing? Well, how do winemakers prevent oxidation when they are making wine? Winemakers use natural inert gases to block oxygen from contacting wine. This is the gold standard for wine protection. But how can consumers like us do that at home in a way that is simple, inexpensive, and effective? They knew that they could be the pioneers of something exciting and innovative that would answer these questions. They didn’t hesitate to implement their vision and began to create their Vinloq wine preservation prototype that would naturally pour wine without any added pressure. 


Creating Vinloq has taken time and significant effort. We have built a team of collaborators to solve the many challenges we have faced. We have partnered with great American companies that have not only helped us design and engineer Vinloq, but also to manufacture the product in the United States. We are very happy with what Vinloq has become. We cannot imagine opening a bottle of wine and not using the Vinloq wine preservation system to serve it. 


We hope you feel the same way and that you join us as we continue to grow and evolve our wine technology. 

“It’s not the idea of one person, but the blending of ideas from multiple wine enthusiasts -like you- that created a device that helps enhance the wine experience”

Meet the Vinloq Family

Just like wine, our team is diverse and we each have our unique personalities. Although we all have different backgrounds and experiences, we are wine enthusiasts and are passionate about Vinloq and its revolutionary wine preservation technology. Together we have joined all our strengths and skills to bring Vinloq to you.

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