About the Product

Vinloq is the first system that Slow Decants and Preserves your favorite wines. Vinloq has three components, the stopper, the gas reservoir, and the gas dispenser.  They all work together in a simple and efficient way. Unlike other methods that use high-pressure gas for preservation, Vinloq controls the amount of oxygen exposure by using nitrogen to fill the gas reservoir, which connects to the stopper that is inserted in your wine bottle. Take a look at our tutorial video here.
Slow Decanting is our revolutionary technology that slows down the decanting process. It limits but doesn’t totally block oxygen from entering your wine bottle. That’s because small, controlled amounts of oxygen exposure can make wine taste better. Only Vinloq gives you the control to find which expression of the wine you like the best with each passing day. The beauty of Slow Decanting™ is that your wine doesn’t need to leave the bottle, the magic happens inside the bottle, as the winemakers intended. Read our blog for more details here.
Yes! Vinloq uses nitrogen to preserve your wines.
Nitrogen is the largest component of the air that we breathe. Nitrogen is inert which means that it does not react with your wine.  And because Vinloq moves nitrogen from the dispenser into your bottle without added pressure, this eliminates the risk of pressurized bottles.
There are several reasons we chose nitrogen. Apart from protecting wine from oxidation, nitrogen is better for you because it is cost-efficient. Nitrogen is better for your wine because you can use it on every bottle to make each one last longer, which reduces waste. Nitrogen is better for the environment because it is ~83 times more plentiful in the air and thus requires much less energy to isolate.
No. Vinloq is not yet suitable for sparkling or bubbly wines. 
Yes. Vinloq can be used on bottles sealed with screw caps, corks, synthetic corks, and all other closures.
Great question! There is not a hard and fast answer to this question because every wine is different and many factors contribute to how a given wine responds to even small amounts of oxygen. Following the simple Vinloq process will minimize your bottle’s exposure to oxygen and most bottles will stay fresh for at least a week. Other wines can stay fresh significantly longer. Again, it all depends on how each wine responds differently to oxygenation.
Yes. Our design is patented in many countries. Vinloq® and Slow Decanting are also registered trademarks. (Patent No. 9,272,834 / 10,233,068 / 10,800,589)
Our Vinloq Stoppers allow you to store your wines on their side or upright. It all depends on how you want to store them.
We do recommend that you store wines overnight in your refrigerator to extend their freshness.
Check our tutorial on how to use and store Vinloq here.
Vinloq offers endless wine opportunities so you can Slow Decant and Preserve as many wines as you like.
You can use the filled gas reservoir bags in several wine bottles at a time. However, each opened bottle will need its own stopper from the moment you uncork it.
Each nitrogen dispenser will refill your reservoir bag at least 9 times, and each reservoir refill should be enough for one entire bottle of wine. 
Yes, only the stopper needs cleaning with soap and warm water after you unplug it from your empty wine bottle. 
No. Just wash the stopper with warm water and soap.
You can store it anywhere! Just make sure it’s out of the reach of children. Contents in the gas dispenser are under pressure. Do NOT puncture or incinerate. Do NOT expose to heat or temperature above 120ºF/ 46ºC.
The empty nitrogen gas dispenser is not flammable and is safe to throw away in the regular trash or by recycling. However, we do encourage you to recycle your empty gas dispenser so we can help our planet stay clean.
The Gas Reservoir bag is meant to last forever, that’s the beauty of it! However, we know that accidents can happen. In that case, click here to get more.
Yes. You can refill and reuse the gas reservoir bags.
In fact, the bags are incredibly durable. They are lightweight and are made of a very strong material. The bags do not need routine replacement but additional ones are available if they are ever lost or damaged.


You can travel with the Vinloq stopper and empty gas reservoir bags. The nitrogen gas dispenser isn’t yet suitable for air travel.

About Orders & Returns

We accept payment via major credit cards: MasterCard, VISA, Discover Card, and American Express. We also accept PayPal and Apple Pay. We do not accept checks or cash. Please note that we only accept one form of payment per order.
To track your order, please click the link you received via email after your order has been shipped.
You can also contact us via email at info@vinloq.com and we’ll gladly help you out! Make sure to share your order number and zip code with us.
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Currently, Vinloq only ships within the continental US. However, we know that there are wine enthusiasts all over the world, so we are working hard to make Vinloq available internationally.
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About the Company

Vinloq grew from the passion two doctors had for wine and the dream to  enhance the wine experience. Check out our story here.
Vinloq is part of the Boston Wine Devices LLC, headquartered in Boston, MA.
You can contact us anytime at info@vinloq.com or through our social media channels. We are always happy to help you on your wine journey so let’s have a chat!
As all of you wine lovers know, it’s very difficult to pick just one favorite wine, so this answer will change from time to time. As of today, Dr. Young enjoys a 2017 Pierre-Yves Colin-Morey Bourgogne Blanc and Dr. Bazoberry always has an Austrian Grüner Veltliner ready to be opened.
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