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Everything a Wine Enthusiast needs.

The newest technology made to enhance the wine experience. With Vinloq you will be able to Slow Decant™ and preserve as many wine bottles as you desire. Slow Decanting™ is a simple and efficient process that allows your wine’s flavors and aromas to evolve inside the bottle as the days go by. Thanks to Vinloq’s ability to preserve wine, you will fully enjoy and experience everything your favorite wines have to offer.

Engineered to perfection.

Uniquely designed for an effortless, traditional pour.

Crafted with care.

Made with durable materials to perfectly fit the stopper and provide a seamless, non-pressurized flow when pouring wine.

Chosen for excellence.

A sustainable gas specifically selected for Slow Decanting™ and wine preservation.

Endless Wine Possibilities.

The choice is yours.

Vinloq allows for more moments with your wine by slowing down the decanting process. This is what Slow Decanting™ is all about.

It limits but doesn’t totally block oxygen from entering your wine bottle. That’s because small, controlled amounts of oxygen exposure can make wine taste better. Only Vinloq gives you the control to find which expression of the wine you like the best.

A new wine experience is just a few clicks away!

Oh, and there’s a perk waiting for you