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Slow Decanting, Vinloq’s Innovative Wine Technology

Wine is alive.


Wine is made from grapes. The essence of future wine is formed during the time the grape grows, throughout the winemaking process, and when the wine is bottled. Wine continues to change while it is sitting in the unopened bottle, and wine continues to change after the cork is pulled or the screw cap removed.


We make several decisions about wine after we select our bottles and the decisions we make can change the performance of our wines.


When do you want to open your bottle? Do you expect your wine to taste the best soon after the wine is bottled or do you prefer to let it gather some age in the bottle? Many wines are preferred when they are at their freshest, but some wines have a history of developing into more interesting wines with years and sometimes decades of aging in the bottle. In the end, you get to choose when you open your bottle.


How much “air” do you expose this particular wine to? Do you “pop and pour” your wine immediately? Or do you put the wine in a decanter to let it absorb some air first? The idea behind decanting is that there is an optimal amount of oxygen absorption that makes that particular wine taste best for you. The wine may open up and may become more expressive of flavors in a way that makes it more enjoyable to you.


Other decisions include, what is the optimal temperature to serve your wine? The type of glass you choose can change the expression of the wine as well. Not to mention, pairing the wine with food can completely affect your enjoyment. And who are you drinking the wine with? Where are you drinking the wine? Travelers frequently observe that wines taste best when you drink them in their native countries while eating the local cuisine.


Vinloq is designed to help when you are serving your wines and can make your wine experience more interesting, more exciting. Vinloq gives you control by slowing down the decanting process. Slow decanting allows you to discover and connect with your wine on a deeper level. We designed Vinloq to limit but not totally block oxygen from entering your bottle. That’s because small, controlled amounts of oxygen exposure can make wine taste better.


Oxygen can allow a wine to “open up” and express more flavor. This is much like when some people pour wines into decanters before serving them. Decanting allows the wine to absorb oxygen which can wake the wine up and liberate the sleeping flavors inside it. Have you ever poured a new bottle and the wine in your glass seems uninteresting and kinda blah? Then you re-taste the wine after it sits in your glass for a little while and “Boom!”, the wine has blossomed and is much more expressive. That’s wine oxygenation.


Wine oxygenation is a double-edged sword. Some oxygenation is helpful but the process can happen fast and the wine can oxidize and become unpleasant. Oxidation causes wine to lose freshness and will create vinegar flavors at the extreme. Many wines progress to oxidation overnight without Vinloq. However, using Vinloq will slow the wine oxygenation process so that your wine will last a week and significantly longer in many instances.


Vinloq gives you control of how much oxygen your wine is exposed to. This is what slow decanting is all about. Slowing the process down and giving you time to finish your bottle when it tastes best. Maybe you prefer the wine at a specific point of oxygenation or maybe you just like to follow along for the full evolution. Vinloq is about preserving every bottle you open. It is about freedom. We want to make it fun to open whichever bottle you want, whenever you want. We want you to keep your bottle performing its best for as long as possible.



With Vinloq you can


  • Find the optimum oxygenation level for each bottle.
  • Use our tasting guide to write down some notes about the new flavors and aromas you discover.
  • Compare with your friends, family, or other people that have opened the same bottle and get a wine conversation started.
  • Maybe you cannot finish your bottle in one sitting. Maybe you just want one glass of wine on a given day but don’t want the rest of your bottle to spoil before you finish it.
  • Maybe you prefer to open two or more different kinds of wine to complement different portions of your meal.
  • Maybe you like one type of wine and your partner prefers something different.
  • Vinloq gives you the option to have multiple bottles open at the same time. And you can finish them on your schedule.
  • Or you can skip using preservation at all. Even if you are going to pound the bottles with a group of friends, you can skip preservation and just use the Vinloq stoppers to pour your wines without drips or spills. It’s your bottle.

The choices are yours, and Vinloq offers these endless wine possibilities.


Stay safe and don’t forget to enjoy your favorite wines, Cheers!



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Author: Vinloq 

Photo by Big Dodzy on Unsplash.

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