Slow Decanting: My Wonderful Experience with Vinloq

We asked a Vinloq user, Diego Guzman de Rojas about his experience using Vinloq and you can read all about it from his perspective below. 

As a wine enthusiast and wine lover, it was a pleasant surprise to find Vinloq and its Slow Decanting System. My journey with Vinloq began when I met Fernando Bazoberry, one of Vinloq’s creators. My sister brought him as a guest to a gathering at my house, and we immediately connected thanks to our shared passion for wine. Fernando told me about his innovative invention to enhance the wine experience, and from the very beginning, I was captivated. He invited me to be one of the first to try this intriguing device and enjoy its benefits, which I was honored to accept.

To begin testing Vinloq, I looked for a bottle of wine for daily consumption because I did not want to risk spoiling a good wine by experimenting with this new device. The result of the experience was surprising. I found that the wine slowly evolved at different stages, each one giving me an unforgettable experience where I was able to discover new flavors and aromas. I learned that the Slow Decanting process is similar to normal decanting, but instead works in slow motion and as the days pass.

A week later, I found myself uncorking and tasting 6 bottles of wine. I was fascinated with the Slow Decanting System, I could not believe the fun experience I was having, and I wanted more.

The process is unique because as the days go by, there is a progressive evolution of a wine’s attributes, the aromas change, and perfectly remarkable tertiary aromas can be discovered. The same happens with the flavors on the fifth and seventh day. It seemed as if I was drinking another wine, with an experience equal to or better than at the beginning, but with different sensations on the palate and nose.

Even better, I found that Vinloq has the added value of preserving wine for many days. In my case, I have managed to preserve bottles of wine for more than 17 days, with peaks of a pleasant experience between days 7 and 11 of preservation and Slow Decanting.

Throughout this process, I have enjoyed countless bottles of wine, and for me, Vinloq has become a mandatory accessory when uncorking any wine bottle.

One particular wine I have tasted with Vinloq that I would like to share is a Cabernet Sauvignon, Don Melchor 2016 from Puente Alto, Chile. A wine with complex aromas of ripe red fruits, herbaceous notes, cinnamon and minerals. It has a medium-high body, soft tannins, and noble acidity. As well as flavors of raspberry, cassis cream, sweet peppers, dark chocolate, and notes of nutmeg, with a finish that is long and persistent.

On the seventh day of using Vinloq, this wine turned into a completely different and extraordinary wine. I discovered new aromas of apricot, and peaches with Asian spices. On the palate, the apricot took center stage, accompanied by red fruits and caramel. The finish was very pleasant and prolonged with notes of almonds and chocolate.

Just wonderful, this is what I can sum up from my experience with Vinloq’s Slow Decanting System, just wonderful!

Author: Vinloq

Photo by Diego Guzman de Rojas

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