Slow Decanting with Beaujolais Wine

This weekend, I want to recommend a French wine that I enjoyed with Vinloq’s Slow Decanting & Wine Preservation System.

My Pick: 2018 Jean-Marc Burgaud Régnié Vallières

The wine I tried this new year was created in the Beaujolais appellation in France’s Burgundy region from Gamay grapes. This Beaujolais from Jean-Marc Burgaud proves that a wine can be totally awesome for a very reasonable price. This wine delivers on all fronts. It is fresh and delicious with an impressive level of precision and complexity. It can be enjoyed right away without any additional bottle age. When I open this wine, I know I can easily keep it for more than a week with Vinloq and it will never miss a beat. It stays ready for when I’m ready.

Tasting Notes

When I pull the cork and put my nose in the glass, I am treated to red and purple fruits that are mixed with flowers and some flinty, smokey notes that remind me of struck matches. Tasting the wine gives similar flavors as those expressed in the aroma. There is a dual fruit presence that is both red fruit combined with a more baritone purple fruit component. Maybe cranberries, cherries, and dark raspberries with some spice and a licorice quality as well. It’s smooth tannins gives the wine a little grip on the finish.

When I tasted this wine over multiple days, I noticed the smokiness faded, and instead, I discovered new hints of herbaceous flavors. The tannins also slowly receded. This wine is a delight and I am always in the mood for a glass of Burgaud’s Régnié Vallières.

I hope you can try this wine soon and get to experience it with Vinloq’s Slow Decanting. Would love to hear about what other new flavors and aromas you can discover.

Stay safe and don’t forget to enjoy your favorite wines, Cheers!

Author: Vinloq




Photo by Rodrigo Aliaga

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