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Vinloq Time: Discovering Riesling, Chianti Classico, and Burlotto

To celebrate Vinloq’s official launch, I wanted to share three wines I have recently enjoyed with Vinloq.  I will be sharing more content on my exciting tasting experience with Vinloq and hope to start a continuous wine conversation with fellow wine enthusiasts.  


2019 Hofgut Falkenstein Krettnacher Euchariusberg Riesling Kabinett Alte Reben “Gisela”

I was looking forward to this bottle as this is a great producer of German riesling. Falkenstein features bright wines with snappy fresh acidity. The 2019 vintage proved to be a great vintage in Germany as the wines have beautiful fresh fruit that is not overbearing. There is an outstanding balance, and the wines are full of flavor in the mid-palate. This combination of a great producer and a great young vintage had me excited to try this riesling wine.


I opened the bottle and I poured two glasses with Vinloq using the preservation gas. The wine was good, but it was somewhat “closed” in that the flavors were not expressing themselves fully. There were the usual flavors of apple, pears, and lime with some stony minerality. The wine was good, but I put it in my refrigerator with the plan of revisiting it after some “Vinloq time.” 


I returned to the bottle to check-in after eight days. The time under preservation gas had allowed the wine to blossom. On this night, the wine was beautiful, precise, and even profound. The wine was singing with clear white peach, apple, citrus, lime, and pear flavors. Herbal notes and minerality complemented the fruit, which was like tasting crushed stones. The salinity and acidity on the finish made this so delicious that it kept drawing me back for another drink. This bottle was as good as any young Kabinett riesling I have had. This wine will likely beautifully age if put away in a cellar, but it is irresistible with Vinloq right now.


2010 Fontodi Chianti Classico

This particular wine holds a great memory for me as I was fortunate to drink it in a restaurant in Tuscany back in 2014. On a fresh fall night, a dinner of wild boar and pappardelle beautifully paired with this wine. When I returned home, I picked up a couple of Italian wine bottles, and this bottle was the one that I have held onto since then.


This Chianti Classico always pairs well with pasta and red sauces, and that is what I paired it with when I opened it and served it with Vinloq using the gas preservation system. The fruit in the wine darkened in the flavor profile some since that first bottle. This 10-year-old wine now features red cherries, black cherries, and plums, along with some earthiness and maybe some tobacco. After serving this with pasta, I put the wine back in my refrigerator to have another night.  


I was curious how this 10-year-old wine would do under Vinloq preservation, so I sampled it a couple of times over the first five days of Vinloq time. The wine continued to improve over these first five days. The flavor profile became even more interesting as the tannins subsided and flavors of chocolate and leather became more apparent. It also revealed a slight spiciness with this additional time as well. After five days of subtle improvement, the wine held its own until I finished the bottle almost two weeks after removing the cork.


 2019 G.B. Burlotto Elatis Vino da Tavola

This wine is from one of the great producers of Italian wines from the Piedmont region in northern Italy. Burlotto is most famous for their flagship wines which are Barolos made with the Nebbiolo grape. This Burlotto wine is a rosé blend with Nebbiolo combined with pelaverga and barbera. Rosé  wines are fantastic in the warmer months with lighter food or just as a refreshing drink on their own.

I opened this bottle and shared three glasses from the bottle poured with Vinloq. I serve every wine that I open with the Vinloq system. The only time I do not use preservation gas is when I have friends over, and I know I will finish the bottle that day. With Vinloq, preservation gas is inexpensive, which allows me to use it on every bottle.


On the first night, this wine was lovely and elegant. Grapefruit led the way, followed by strawberry, citrus, and a chalky minerality. For a rosé, this wine feels pretty substantial with a concentrated and smoky core. Rosé wines often oxidize and fall apart after the first night, but with Vinloq, the remaining glasses were unchanged when I finished them five days later.


More wine moments with Vinloq are coming soon. Stay tuned! 


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Photo by Isabel Taborga  

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