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How Does Vinloq Work & What makes us Different?

Simplicity and efficiency were key factors considered in Vinloq’s design process. Set out to reduce wine waste and preserve their wines without high-pressure gas, Brent and Fernando invented a unique system that does more than that – Slow Decants™. 

How does Vinloq work? 

Some people ask, how can Vinloq preserve and slow decant simultaneously? These seem like contradictory terms. Well, Vinloq preserves wine using nitrogen gas, but in the process, the wine is also slowly decanting within the bottle.


If you think about it, the idea behind decanting is that there is an optimal amount of oxygen absorption that makes a particular wine taste best for you. The wine may open up and become more expressive of flavors to make it more enjoyable. Some oxygenation is helpful, but the process can happen fast, and the wine can oxidize and become unpleasant. That is where Vinloq comes in! It helps you control how much oxygen you expose to your wine. So, whether you just want to preserve your wine and leave it for two weeks or you want to follow your wine’s evolving flavors and aromas, Vinloq gives you both options in one system. 

Three Components 

Stopper- This multi-functional stopper is what will replace the wine’s cork or screw cap. It is a unique and reliable accessory that will open and close the bottle, store it upright or on its side, and pour delicious Slow Decanted™ wine. 

Reservoir Bag – Thoughtfully designed and made with durable materials, the reservoir bag perfectly fits the stopper and provides a seamless, non-pressurized flow when pouring wine. It is also easy to refill and connects to the stopper quickly & hassle-free.

Nitrogen Gas Can – The nitrogen gas can will refill the reservoir bag with nitrogen, which you then connect to the stopper to pour wine. Each nitrogen dispenser will refill the reservoir bag at least nine times, and each reservoir refill should be enough for one entire bottle of wine.

Quick Set-Up 


  • Begin using Vinloq  by filling the reservoir bag with nitrogen. To do this, connect the nitrogen gas dispenser to the bag and slowly press the nitrogen can button to fill the reservoir bag.  
  • Uncork your bottle of wine and insert the stopper keeping the handles down and simultaneously twist and push firmly into the bottle as far as it will go comfortably.
  • Connect the already filled reservoir bag to the stopper, ensuring the stopper legs are down.
  • You are ready to serve your wine. Once you have finished serving, you can move the stopper legs upward. Remember that the dots on the stopper show its open and close positions, which is vital for serving and storing. (Match red and white dots for serving and match red dots for storing). 

Check out our video tutorial here


What makes us different? 


Pioneers in Slow Decanting™

Vinloq is the first product that offers an evolving wine tasting experience and wine preservation. We coined the term Slow Decanting™ and patented the technology. Slow Decanting allows you to control how much oxygen your wine is exposed to, paving the discovery of each flavor, taste, and note the wine may offer as it evolves each passing day. 


Sustainable Gas 

Vinloq does not use high pressurized argon gas cartridges as other devices do. We use nitrogen cans. While both natural gases work alike, argon is less than 1% of the air we breathe versus nitrogen, which is almost 80%, making it much easier to isolate when developing our cans. This choice makes Vinloq more environmentally friendly.


Natural Pour Design 

Other wine devices alter the traditional wine pour, taking away from the authentic wine experience. As opposed to having your wine splash when using a wine device, Vinloq has been designed to maintain, and perhaps improve, the natural way wine pours into a glass from the bottle.


Simple Set-up

Unlike needle-based wine preservation setups that work solely on corked wines, Vinloq’s setup process works with any bottle of wine and in 4 easy + safe steps. The system has everything you need to preserve, slow decant, and serve – no need to buy extra accessories.



Vinloq lets you store multiple bottles vertically and horizontally in tight spaces like your refrigerator without your bottle rolling to the side. We’ve manufactured the stopper to allow for zero spillage for this exact purpose – to be able to store it horizontally anywhere you wish. 


We can’t wait to hear about your experience using Vinloq. We hope that like us, you will serve all your bottles of wine the Vinloq way. 


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